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MY OWN DUDE TOY - An original gay erotic story by Richard de Orizaba

This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.

By Richard de Orizaba

I always wanted to do this. I have had my share of tricks I have picked up at bars and elsewhere. I have also dabbled in the internet dating. I have rented guys for various reasons and most of them have been worth it.
Once you start paying for sex, it is hard to go back to leaving all to chance and to be at the mercy of circumstances.
It has been in the back of my mind to find someone very cute, something young, perhaps in the twenties so that he still has the fire in his groin and the testosterone to be sexually very active. I need somebody like that to satisfy me since I am such a horny bastard. Even at my middle age (45) I am still as active as most twenty something guys.Instead of growing a beer belly and aging like men my age, I kept my exercise regime and went to the gym on a daily basis; the results were incredible…I had never had the veins nor was I totally ripped like my friend Paco Prado but I was holding my own,
but where and how do I find this guy?. I want him to be real, to be honest and to have my interests and the desire to please me as well as pleasing himself. It cannot be a one way street. Most of these rent boys are doing it only for the money and there is no emotion or their hearts are really not into it.
Others are really not even gay, they are gay for pay; opportunistic bastards that get their satisfaction from having older gay men satisfy them and even get money in the exchange.
Even when looking for this guy you figure he might only stick around for a couple of weeks, you will not find him just as you will not find a lover when you are seeking one. It just has to happen, it is an occurrence left to chance mostly. I have had two or three of those that only stuck around for a week or two…good fucks all of them.


Brody was walking down Main Street McAllen and I spotted him. He was wearing the typical cowboy regalia only his hat was made of straw and his cowboy shirt was short sleeve which showed a very nice slim build. He was a bit disheveled, with this mop of blond hair somewhat uncombed but very hot.

Brody saw me and just smiled as I passed him. I stopped because I saw something in him that I had not seen or sensed in most young dudes. It seemed that he had certain innocence, a sort of naïve demeanor that was refreshing.
I pretended to look at this store window and he knew that I had stopped for him. He turned around and now was coming towards me.
What do I say? What is my excuse for looking? Is this kid going to be some homophobic young brat? Is he a hustler? Many questions ran through my mind in the short time it took him to walk the twenty feet to reach me where I was.
“Howdy, my name is Brody” he said. “I’m Richie, glad to meet you, what are you up to?”
“Not much, I just went for a job interview at the corner café and I don’t think they are going to hire me. Do you know of any jobs I can go an apply? I am really in a bind, I got kicked out of my house by my step dad and I have to find some work”, said he.
“Tell me Brody, when was the last time you had something to eat?”I asked him. “Oh, I dunnno, maybe yesterday, but I am not panhandling dude” Brody emphasized raising his eyebrows. “Oh, I’m sorry, I did not imply that you were, I just wanted to know because I am looking for a place to have lunch and I thought you would be good company and I could treat you to a meal” I added, to ease his apprehension. “That would be awesome, and I really appreciate you taking the trouble”
We walked together a couple of blocks and saw a little dinner that seemed to be packed. I have a theory that if the place is full of locals then the food has to be good. We went in and took the last available booth. The waitress was over with water in record time and brought us the menu. I swear she was a double for Flo in “Mel’s Diner” with a very heavy Texas drawl.
Now we were sitting across each other and I was able to look at him in the face without getting busted for cruising. At this point I did not even know if the guy was straight or if he would even fool around at least do it for money. But I did notice that Brody was one hell of a babe. He had the wholesome good looks and the most beautiful blue eyes you ever saw. Brody was almost a double of a movie star, in fact he resembled one of them so much that a couple of people at the restaurant took a double take.

His blond hair was tossed carelessly and fell with abandon on his forehead. I said: “Tell me Brody, if you don’t find work here in McAllen soon, what do you intend to do?” He told me that he was sleeping in his car and he would be going to Eagle Pass if he did not find anything there.
“Tell me Brody, did you get to finish high school?” I asked. “Oh, for sure, and I was even third in my class, but college was out of the question as my family is very poor” Then I asked: “I may be out of line here, but why did your step dad throw you out?” “I can’t go into details, but let’s just say that the man is a hypocrite and a bastard who is taking advantage of my mom. She is the only one working and she is supporting him” said Brody. “What does she do for a living?” “She is a chamber maid at the Holiday Inn in Amarillo” Brody answered.
Me: “Oh, boy, it sounds like you been dealt a rotten hand”
Brody: “Yes, it looks that way, but I am not a quitter and I intend to make something of myself”
Now, that is something you don’t hear often out of a hustler or even a regular teenager. The guy was smart and had ambition. He knew that he was in a pickle but was searching for a way out.
I asked him then “Can you make it to Eagle Pass?” 

“I dunno, my car is giving me troubles, I have to replace several of the belts and I cannot afford it yet. It is parked in the mall parking lot but I am afraid they might tow it away, so I move it every day to make they think that it belongs to somebody who works there”
Now, I thought that was clever. But how can he sleep there at night without being detected by the security guards? So I asked him. He said: “oh, they are ok, they know about me; at least the guys at night and they even bring me coffee in the morning. No problem there”
So I repeated the question: “Do you think you can get your ass over to Eagle Pass? I think I can give you a job”
Brody asked: “what kind of a job? I don’t do anything illegal or kinky” 

So I said:”relax, I have a lot of work around my house and one of the things you can do is to drive me around. I am a very nervous person and a lousy driver and I get very stressed out when I have to drive. If it makes you feel any better, I will even give you a uniform and we can say that you are my driver”
“And the hours and the pay?” “Well, the hours would have to be very flexible, I hope you can work it out with me in that area because it is not a nine to five job but I think I can solve your immediate situation. I can even give you a place to stay”
Then Brody said: “do I have to go to bed with you?” I cracked up laughing. “No, that is not going to be necessary unless you want to” He then broke into laughter. “Well, you see Richie, I did not know how to tell you this, but I do want to go to bed with you. I am really attracted to you, I think you are hot” said Brody. 

“So you are gay?” I asked. “For sure, but I don’t go advertising it. When you asked me the reason my step dad threw me out of the house I didn’t want to go into details. The son of a bitch has been fucking me since I was thirteen. Then the other day he busted me and my next door neighbor having sex and he was so furious, actually what he was in reality was jealous. We had a big argument and he threw me out”
Brodie's stepdad
m that he had caught me having sex with little Preston from next door and since mom is this Evangelical fanatic, she thought that her husband did the right thing and supported him in the decision to throw me out.” This is a picture of him…The only reason I keep it is to remind me what a bastard he was”
“That is one hell of a situation, he should be prosecuted for sexually molesting a minor”

“True, that is what I was going to do, but then I thought that my mom would still not forgive me and she is so dependent on this guy that I thought it would be useless, a total waste of my time”. I thought: here is wisdom beyond his years.
I then asked: “so, what do you say about coming to Eagle Pass?” Brody then said:”I’ll take it, but I need to borrow some money from you first so I can get my car running. It is a long drive and I don’t want to get stuck with a broken car on the highway” I said: “How much would you need?” “About $50, but I will pay you back; or rather you can deduct it from my pay”
I gave Brody the money and drove him to the mall and there it was: a 1983 Thunderbird with a couple of dents and a paint job that was clearly the attempt of an amateur. I left him there and gave him my phone number and told him I will see him in a couple of days.
To be truthful, I just thought he had hustled me out of $50. I never expected to hear from him again. As I have always said, there is nothing better than to loan someone money because when they fail to pay you back you find out how little they are worth.
Much to my surprise, Brody called me within two days. “Hi, Richie? I’m here in Eagle Pass. I parked the car in a mall called Lesaquiles” “You mean Las Aguilas?” “Yes, that is it, sorry, I took French in high school and my Spanish is nonexistent” “That’s ok, I’ll be over in ten or fifteen minutes and then you can just follow me.
I drove up and saw him standing there. When Brody saw me, his face lit up and he rushed over to the car and put half of his body inside through the passenger window and just gave me a great hug and a little kiss right in my mouth.
We drove up to my house and Brody could not have been more surprised. He said: “you live in this mansion? Shit, I had no idea you were a millionaire”
Me:“I know, but I like to have money and not flaunt it,

The small apartment where Brody was to occupy was towards the end of the property and kind of hidden. It was very modest but comfortable and it was after all, rent free.

Me: “I consider myself a regular Joe, I hope that is what comes across”
Brody said: “and it sure does, I would never have imagined you had money, I mean, the way you were dressed, you had no jewelry, you drive a nice car but it is old and obviously a restoration, I thought that maybe you did it yourself”
“Oh, I know, but that was not the idea, I just wanted to get to know you because I thought you were hot” I said to Brody. “Then he embraced me and kissed me passionately, I never had such a beautiful guy come and kiss me like that just out of the blue. It all seemed so surreal; I felt that I was finally going to live out my fantasy of having a boy toy.
My gardener got married to a girl. Now imagine that! After all the blow jobs I have given him. So he moved in with her and now the little efficiency behind the pool house was empty. I took Brody there and told him that he was going to stay there and not to worry about paying rent; it came with the job as a perk.
“Ready to go to work?” I asked. “Sure boss, what do I have to do?” “For starters, try on this uniform, the guy who wore it last was about your size, but if it doesn’t fit well, I will get you a new one, no, I will get you a new one anyhow, and that one is not the right color for your complexion anyhow”. So Brody put it on and it fit well, except for the pants being a little too short. Fortunately, Carlos my houseboy undid the hem and made the pants the right length. Carlos is amazing, he can even saw. But I think that Carlos was a little surprised with Brody coming to work for me. After all I had not mentioned it to him; but how could I? I wasn’t sure that Brody would even show up.
The uniform was fixed and he put it on. Brody looked spectacular in it. He even looked older and now he resembled that movie actor even more. His hair was hidden in the hat and his handsome face was so overwhelming. I said, “come on, I have to show you the places we will be going often, so you better learn your way around town fast” And we drove to Cavalier Hall and then he asked: “so that is your business?” “Yes, and also the mall where I went to get you”. That is all he needed to know for now.
I told him that he would be running errands; he would have to do the grocery shopping so that he and Carlos had to be on the same page, make a list and know exactly what Carlos needed to cook the meals. I begged him to be frugal, even though I had money, I did not believe in waste and not to go overboard on the shopping. I trusted him and knew that he was very conscious of having budgets and that sort of thing. When we went to Cavalier Hall, Dariel just about shit a green brick when he saw Brody. “Where in the fuck did you pick up such a monument? I mean, the guy is gorgeous! He looks like that movie actor, what’s his name?” 

So I said to Dariel: “Relax, Mary, you will just have to eat your heart out, you have Didi and that will have to do, ah, ha, ha, “he said: “Shit, sometimes I wish I was you, you get to have all the fun”
We had dinner at the restaurant and I told Brody that under no circumstances was he to drink while on the job. He agreed and said that he was not much of a drinker anyhow.

We returned home and I was out by the lanai area just relaxing when Brody comes over and starts to give me a massage. Brody said: “Would my job description include giving the boss a massage?” “oh,oh, that feels good, I give you ten minutes to stop that” and Brody kept massaging and then he moved hands under my shirt and was caressing my pecs. It was his move, he was coming on to me and I never requested it nor was it implied. I then asked him: “Are you sure you want to do this? Because you are getting me turned on and once that happens, there is no return, you will have to complete the job” Brody said: “I never start a job and leave it unfinished” and so he bent down and kissed me.
“Let's go over to your apartment, I don’t feel right doing anything here in the open” So we walked over to his little efficiency and he took off his clothes for me to see him naked in all his glory. And it was indeed a sight to see. Such a beautiful body, so smooth, so firm. He had one piercing in one of his nipples and never took off his straw hat which I think he preferred to the driver’s outfit.

Brody was one hot hunk. I could not believe my luck. I was going to enjoy this guy and it was going to happen time and time again. When I saw him naked in front of me, I looked at his cock and it was big. It was flaccid but uncut and fully hooded, I'd say about seven inches. I dropped to my knees as I always do when I see a pretty cock and got it in my mouth and Brody's was just perfect for sucking.
Brody said: “I forgot to ask you what you like to do in bed” I said: “with you Brody, I think I would like anything and everything” so he said: “good, because I was hoping you would get to fuck me. I was talking to Carlos when you were in the shower and Carlos was surprised that we had not been in the sack, then he told me what a big cock you had and he said that he wished me luck if I wanted to take the mother fucker up my ass”
I said: “That would be awesome, but first I want to suck you off” Brody said: “well, if you keep doing that much longer, you are going to make me shoot my wad” Upon hearing that, I just increased the pace and applied the old tried and true gargling technique. “oh, oh, oh that feels so good, oh. Oh my god, that is so fantastic, I have never had that done, oh, oh, oh Richie, you are going to make me cum, oh, oh, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, I’m cumming. And Brody shot all of his man juice deep into my throat. I brought the head forward in order to catch the last spurts of jizz and Brody tasted so good.

“How about fucking my ass now?” Brody said. I was so horny and ready that I just lined my cock straight into his ass crack and began to push it inside. It was not giving any, so I went and started to rim Brody. I thought the guy would just climb the walls. And then after I primed him by finger fucking him some, I tried it again. This time his bum hole gave way and accepted my shaft, all in one gigantic gulp. “Oh my God, that fucking cock is huge! Carlos was right, you have one big ding dong, oh, oh, oh shit, oh, fuck, oh, but it hurts, oh, oh, but it hurts so good. Oh Richie, Richie, fuck my ass, oh, oh, and Brody shot his wad again without even touching himself. I followed suit and came inside of him and we were doing it bareback. Brody said that it felt so good, and he said that it was something he hoped I would do to him often”
Brody would give me his ass on a regular basis. I never had to go looking for him, he was always seducing me, and could not get enough of my dick in his ass and then to shoot his wad in my mouth.

We tried different positions; different sequences and we were soon fucking ourselves silly at all hours of the day and night. Brody was insatiable.
Job wise he was working out just fine. He was there whenever I needed him to drive me somewhere and he ran all the errands and did the shopping. He made some very minor mistakes but mostly it was the fault of Carlos for not specifying a brand or saying he wanted something fresh and not frozen. All in all, he was strictly staying on budget and that impressed me.
Then in one of his trips when he was running errands he went and had a haircut…I nearly shit a green brick. Gone was the beautiful mop of blond hair and now he looked more like a very handsome jock…he was not any worse for the wear.
I had a surprise for Brody. I had Comcast come and install fast access so he could have a computer. I had him drive me to the mall and I bought a computer, only I did not tell him it was for him. When we got home he asked me where I wanted him to put the computer box and I told him in his apartment. Brody opened his eyes and asked me: “is it for me, because if it is, you have made me the happiest guy on earth, well, except when you fuck me”
Brody worked for me as a driver for over two years. Then he told me that he had been taking courses on line and was about to receive his AA degree. I could not have been happier for him. I offered him a change of jobs. I told him he can now go to work at headquarters as an assistant analyst. He then moved out and got his own place and eventually got his Bachelor’s degree. I could not be more pleased. For his graduation I gave Brody a car. I had picked up a slightly used Mazda Miata, red and shiny. Brody was so overwhelmed with the gift that he said he felt guilty. He also missed getting fucked as often when he worked as my driver. But the world has rotated and life must go on.

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